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"Blue Dragon Collectibles is amazing! Celeste created a lovely set of Yogi Yetis which I loved... I just love them -- they are just the reminder I need to make time for my practice. The Yoga Yetis are just one of many custom orders Celeste has created for me and my family. I love how excited she is to make anything I can think up! Give Blue Dragon Collectibles a try for that special gift for someone special, or yourself; you won't be disappointed."   -Amy Thurber

"I commissioned two custom figurines, a hedgehog and doberman. Right away the owner was in contact with me making sure everything was how I wanted it. They got done way faster than I expected, shipped out as soon as I paid, and look AMAZING. I also really liked the personal touches"   -Erica Stockwell


"I asked Celeste to do several pieces for me for a faerie garden I am making for my office. I told her what I like and my color preference. She did an AWESOME job!!! Some of these pieces are small and intricate. She pays attention to detail and has a great imagination. She is very talented and very artistic. You will not be disappointed ordering from her shop. She sends each piece carefully wrapped and labeled with love. I love each and every piece and will treasure them forever."   -Angel Lagor


"There are certain artists I return to, each for their special brand of WOW! This artist makes you feel like it is a special occasion every time you order. There is a party going on in the USPS when this wonderful woman ships a box. Thank You Celeste McElhaney for your quick turn around and your very spectacular presentation."   -Llalla Shahar 



Handcrafted blue scaled dragon from Blue Dragon Collectibles