Sculptor and Creative Artist Celeste McElhaney


Celeste McElhaney, the creative mind and talented sculptor behind Blue Dragon Collectibles, began her foray into playful clay creations at a young age. Inspired by her mother's own whimsical craft work and father's imaginative storytelling, Celeste found an instant affinity for working with clay and through it brought her imagination to life. Honing her skills and exhibiting her work at countless shows over the years she continues to work tirelessly, pouring herself into her art.

An artistic person by nature, Celeste dabbles in numerous other art forms and crafts of all kinds, always eager to try new things out. Incorporating new ideas from other art forms into her clay work she isn't afraid to try new things. And with a story in mind behind every piece of sculpture, each piece she creates not only captures the emotions and personality of a unique character but plays a part in a wider tapestry that characterizes the "world" of her work.

When not sculpting Celeste is most likely to be reading, exploring some other art form, or spending time in a natural, serene setting, always accompanied by her cat.


"There are certain artists I return to, each for their special brand of WOW! This artist makes you feel like it is a special occasion every time you order. There is a party going on in the USPS when this wonderful woman ships a box... Thank You Celeste McElhaney for your quick turn around and your very spectacular presentation."   -Llalla Shahar


"I asked Celeste to do several pieces for me for a faerie garden I am making for my office. I told her what I like and my color preference. She did an AWESOME job!!! Some of these pieces are small and intricate. She pays attention to detail and has a great imagination. She is very talented and very artistic. You will not be disappointed ordering from her shop. She sends each piece carefully wrapped and labeled with love. I love each and every piece and will treasure them forever."   -Angel Lagor


"I commissioned two custom figurines, a hedgehog and doberman. Right away the owner was in contact with me making sure everything was how I wanted it. They got done way faster than I expected, shipped out as soon as I paid, and look AMAZING. I also really liked the personal touches; a thank you card and message written right in the box."   -Erica Stockwell


"Blue Dragon Collectibles is amazing! Celeste created a lovely set of Yogi Yetis which I loved... I just love them -- they are just the reminder I need to make time for my practice. The Yoga Yetis are just one of many custom orders Celeste has created for me and my family. I love how excited she is to make anything I can think up! Give Blue Dragon Collectibles a try for that special gift for someone special, or yourself; you won't be disappointed."   -Amy Thurber