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Right now, cute Yetis are quite popular, their huge grins and shaggy coats featuring in everything from bags to books to games and more. It seemed that all of a sudden Yetis went from rare to practically everywhere! But where did they originate? Certainly not as the cute and funny creatures we know today - the first Yetis were vastly different beasts.

For the Sherpa peoples of mountainous eastern Nepal, the Yetis were an important and terrifying figure in their legends. Folklore told of a ravenous, wild furred creature ape-like creature that would fiercely attack people that strayed out of the safety of the village, and warned people to be cautious of dangerous things outside.

When Westerners began to explore that region, they heard tales of Yetis and their interest was piqued. Coupled with strange footprints (now thought to be bear prints or a sham), rumors flew around that there were mysterious furry ape-men living in the Himalayas. Adventurers and explorers flocked to the remote area, trying to find at least a glimpse of this famous creature.

Now DNA tells us that samples of 'Yeti' hair and other things are all belonging to other creatures such as bears and monkeys, neatly dissolving the potential evidence for a real Yeti's existence.

Yetis are all around us every day however - in games, books, movies, and artwork portraying a huge range of Yeti personalities, from fierce and aggressive to fun and cute! They might not be real, but their legend lives on in the stories we tell about them.


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