Dragon Creature Feature

By Celeste McElhaney on

The word drakōn in Greek originally meant a large serpent, and most 'dragons' in myth took this form. As time went on in what would become the Western world, Dragons were usually seen as evil, frightening creatures that were greedy and dangerous. In the Eastern world, however, Dragons were seen as powerful but mostly beneficent beings which commanded the powers of rivers and rains.

Dragons have always been many and varied, however, in both nature and body. Tiamat, a Chaldean dragon, had four legs, scales, and wings. However, the Greek Hydra had many heads.

Nowadays Dragons are seen as an ever-expanding variety of characters, from fierce and terrible monsters to nice and helpful friends! The Dragons of Blue Dragon Collectibles are of the latter variety, always looking for a way to bring more joy into the world.


Golden Dragon with Amazonite Crystal, Blue Dragon Collectibles

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